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Apr 26, 2014 MILL SPRING , MO
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Apr 26, 2014 MILL SPRING , MO
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May 29, 2014 Morgantown, IN
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May 30, 2014 Morgantown, IN
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May 31, 2014 Morgantown, IN
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Ray Lawrence Jr. at the 4th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival at Bean Blossom, Indiana

See Ray Lawrence Jr. LIVE at the John Hartford Memorial Festival MAY 29 - MAY 31 2014.

Get ready for the 4th. annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, held at Bill Monroe's Music Park and Campground in beautiful Bean Blossom, Indiana.  This festival is 3 days of music on 3 stages, children 12 and under are FREE!!! Jam sessions will be all over the park so bring an instrument and be ready for the fun and join in on a few songs. All levels of players welcome to join in. Family fun that many people say is the best time they ever had and worth every penny. Get your tickets at
Ray Lawrence Jr. – More Raw Stuff

Like Chris Knight, Ray Lawrence Jr. is a simple man who has this sensational talent to be able to put defining moments of the human experience to words and music in a way that rekindles the feelings of those moments. Ray’s simplicity becomes his strength by imbibing his music with a blue collar, colloquial grace. Since Ray’s wisdom isn’t defined by a Master’s degree or a master vocabulary, it manifests itself in a cunning wit that takes themes and language culled from real life experiences, and weaves them into high art through honesty and authenticity of expression.
Ray Lawrence Jr. – Raw & Unplugged (Music Review)
Ray Lawrence Jr. is positioned for the archetypal country success story. [Read More...]
Album Review – Ray Lawrence Jr. “Raw & Unplugged”
As the title of this album implies, this is Arizona-based singer/songwriter Ray Lawrence Jr. with just him and his guitar. The album was quickly put together after Hank3 released Ghost To A Ghost, to meet the demand Hank3′s exposure created. It is in this context you must judge and listen to this album. Some albums are recorded raw and unplugged as a purposeful approach to create a desired aesthetic. This one is done more out of time and necessity. [Read More...]
RAY LAWRENCE JR. Raw & Unplugged
He's a pretty good singer though, uses his southwest accent to emphasize some of the aspects of the songs that he writes. This is kind of a 'demo' CD demonstrating his ability to 'write' rather than 'play and sing.' [Read More...]
From Homeless to Hank3: The Story of Ray Lawrence Jr.
When Hank Williams III released 4 albums on September 6th, the volume of material he dropped in one day wasn’t the only thing unprecedented. The album Ghost to a Ghost included a track called “Ray Lawrence Jr.” a collection of two live songs recorded in the back of Hank3′s bus in Arizona with the singer/songwriter the track is named for. [Read More...]